2jz-ge NA-T DBW conversion kit!

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One of the most comprehensive na-t conversion kits on the market.

Perfect upgrade to achieve 350-650hp* at the wheels

kit includes:

- Haltech Elite 2500 ecu with premium harness

- Haltech single channel wideband o2 kit

- Garrett G35-900 turbo

- 6Boost exhaust manifold

- Turbosmart gen v 50mm progate

- Plazmaman 2jzge single rail intake manifold with bosch 74mm dbw throttle flange

- Plazmaman pro series 600x300x76 intercooler - raw finish with 76mm push on inlet/outlet

- Genuine 2jzgte head gasket

- ARP 2000 head stud kit

- 6x 1000cc fuel injectors with length adaptors and wiring plug and pin sets

- Turbosmart FPR6 fuel pressure regulator

- Bosch BR540 fuel pump

- Bosch dbw pedal and 74mm throttle body combo with plug and pin sets

- Syltech oil pressure/temp sensor

- Syltech fuel pressure sensor